Best time and total days for Valley Of Flowers Trek?

Me and my father is planning to have a trek to valley of flowers! So, can anyone help me out on:

1.Best time to go for trekking in VOF.
2.How many days will it take.

And if anyone have gone for this trek earlier…than please can you categorize it for Is it a Hard, Moderate or easy Trek?


4 answers on “Best time and total days for Valley Of Flowers Trek?”

  1. Kapil says:


    Right now the situation is little risky as people have encountered heavy rain over there otherwise August is the best season to go for VOF. Flowers in this period blooms at its best.
    Its is a moderate trek. Through my own experience I am sharing that the view was splendid only the last stretch of few kms were hard. In the end the trek is worth going for and one should not miss in their lifetime.


  2. Ravish says:


    Try this once in life, Valley of flowers is just an amazing trek in Uttarachal. The valley is home to celebrated flowers like Blue poppy and Cobra Lily. If you travelling from Delhi then the route will be Delhi – Rishikesh – Joshimath and little trek start that is from Govindghat to Ghangaria. And then while reaching you can goto valley of flowers which is like 03 kms trek and those who wish to go to Hemkund sahib can take the other way from Ghangaria.


  3. Sunil says:

    The valley of flowers is a beautiful trek and is open for only 2 -3 months from June to Sept. At this time the flowers are on full bloom and the valley looks very beautiful. It is 7-8 days trek and each day you will see the different view. Also near to Valley of Flowers you can also visit Hemkund Sahib, Rishikesh, Haridwar and Badrinath.

    Enjoy the trip with your Father

  4. Lata says:


    The best time to visit is in August as the flowers will be blooming and the place looks ‘paradise’.
    I have been to this heaven and days you required are 6-7 days from Delhi if you want to visit Hemkund also which is ahead of VOF. It is a easy trek, very good for beginners.

    Try that and have fun..

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