Best Road Atlas (Map book) for India

I will be in India for 3 months Dec-feb, I like travelling by road,  wanna know about an road atlas on India (should cover all of India). More detailed the better as I already have most the highway NH maps.


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  1. Kamal says:

    Hi ,

    As per my knowledge there are good Atlas maps by International Publications. They have wide range of information on maps and all.It is always better to carry a map print if you do not find anything.


  2. vibhav says:

    I have done some research on road Atlus for India.
    Two best options that I can recommend are:

    1. Buy the Maps of India CD : It was INR 700 when I purchased, have no idea about shipping charges overseas. This is a very good collection of National Highway (NH) maps,city maps, water body maps and all however they do not have trekking maps or maps of trails.
    Generally before I make a trip I take a print of the relevant maps from the Maps of India collection and take it along.

    Eicher road map : This has been the most detailed and comprehensive map collection (hardcopy. The only thing is that the you would have to take a map to the city you are travelling to.

    Having both of the above equips you with enough ammunition to hit the Indian roads.
    Having a Google maps GPS on your mobile can sure be a perfect guided missile to the target location in India, but that is heavily dependent on network availability.

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