Best places in India to travel to in December?

Simple question, what are the best places to visit to in India in the month of December? I like nature and wildlife specially. Not particularly looking for cold places as I am coming from one already 🙂 Thanks


2 answers on “Best places in India to travel to in December?”

  1. vibhav says:
    If you don’t want cold places then better steer towards the southern portion of India which is blessed with awesome beaches and the perfect climate..Some of the places I can suggest offhand are:

    Goa – Though its a bit expensive near the new year, Other good beach options are Gokarna beach, vizag etc

    Kerala- Trekking near Waynad or relax on some house boat on the back waters.

    Most of the the western ghats are way too perfect for trekking in winters if u are one of those enthusiastic trekkers. We also prefer biking in the south during the winters.

  2. Ruchika says:

    Anyways weather in December is not too cold at most of the places here, so you can visit almost any part of the country. Indian is a big country with lot of national parks and wild life sanctuaries, so if you are interested in wild life you can visit a lot, it really depends on what is your entry point here and how much time you have to travel?

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