Best beach in India?

Which is the best beach in India? Must be in Goa I guess 🙂
Linda ( Menchester )

4 answers on “Best beach in India?”

  1. ryan says:

    I can recommend a nice really quiet beach about 30 km north of Trivandrum (Kerala), where I stayed at Wild Palms.

    Another very nice option is Gopalpur on Sea (Orissa) on the east coast is very nice too. these are some of the options to consider if u are on the lookout for less populated beaches.

  2. rohin says:

    The beach which adjoins the Dune Eco Hotel just outside Pondicherry in Tamil Nadu was almost deserted when we were there, really peaceful, we were often the only people there.

  3. vxplor says:

    Out of the beaches I have visited in India so far (I would like to mention have visited quite a many), the best so far has been OM Beach, it is on the west coast of India south of Goa adjacent to a small town called Gokarna.
    The OM beach is in the shape of OM (the hindi chant)

  4. Preeti says:

    No the best one is not in Goa 🙂
    Its Radhanagar beach in Havelock Islands ( Andamans ). Rated as 7th best in the world by some travel magazines.

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