Anyone been to Aurovalley Ashram Rishidwar?

I am interested in going to Aurovalley Ashram Rishidwar as a long term student and participant in their spiritual and community activities. I would like to know if anyone been to Aurovalley Ashram Rishidwar before as a long term student? What it is like and how was the experience?


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  1. Hi,
    I was teaching a Kundalini Yoga Retreat in Aurovalley Ashram last week. It’s the second time I was thereā€¦I absolutely love this place. It’s authentic, clean, pure, very spiritual, the food is simple but good, the rooms are clean and comfortable. You can empty your busy mind here during the collective meditations, you can do karma yoga, talk with Swami Ji during the sat sang and they have a library full of inspirational books. If you want to find peace and feel the connection with yourself and the universe, this is the place to go to :-).

  2. Ruth says:

    It’s a beautiful place, very worth visiting. Swamiji is an impressive, fascinating spiritual leader of the ashram. Rooms are very clean, food tastes very good. I recommend it to anyone!

  3. Yes, in fact I am answering this while at Aurovalley. If you do a Google search, you may see some of the blogs I have written about this lovely place. Here is one, and you can do a search on for more:

    Hope this answers your questions!


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