Any good trekking places near Bangalore?


I am in Bangalore for a leisure trip and would like to know of any unexplored trekking rafting places nearby. I am interested in any kind of adventure sports, the only criteria is that the place should not be overcrowded.


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  1. vibhav says:
    There are numerous places to visit in and around Bangalore ranging from Trekking (Kemmangundi, Kumaraparvat, Kudremukh) to rafting on the Sita river and even depending on the climate some groups arrange for paragliding near nandi hills.
    A concrete plan would surely depend on the amount of time you have and the mode of travel. If you are looking for a weekend(2-3 days) trip within 300-400 Kms radius of Bangalore then there are numerous options available.
    Even some once day options are available for places like Nandi Hills, Meke datu and shiv samudram.

    Please feel free to ask for any other details that you may require. I have traveled to most places around Bangalore and would be happy to help.

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