Alternate trek to the valley of flowers

Hi All,

I have been to valley of flowers once, but was wondering if there is any other trek route to the valley of flowers other than the conventional route (Govindghat – Ghangharia to Valley of flowers)…

This route is also nice and scenic but the only thing that it is shared with the pilgrims heading for hemkund sahib…I am looking for a route that is more isolated..


3 answers on “Alternate trek to the valley of flowers”

  1. Raghav says:


    Dont think there is a way of getting an online/on-phone booking in ghangharia, I tried the same, the only way other operatiors do is is by sending some guide all the way or sending message through porters etc….

    Otherwise the accomodations available are in plenty but sometimes it gets crammed because of the pilgrims of hemkund sahib.


  2. Ravi Garg says:


    need your advice.
    Is there any way I can book an accomodation in Ghangria from Delhi. Planning to go there in August.


  3. Raghav says:


    There is a trek route that starts from Hanuman Chatti, but its more challenging and in the landslide season it is not recommended.
    When I was there I enquired localites of this route and they did not recommend going through it….

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