Agra and Taj Mahal in winters?

Hi I have heard there is a lot of fog/smog during winters in Agra Delhi region.

Does anyone have an idea how good a place would Agra be for going in December I am planning to go there for the new year. I would be coming from Taiwan and its my lifetime dream to see Taj Mahal 🙂


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  1. sumesh says:

    To add more, the Taj even looks more magnificient in fog at the sunrise, the colors are simply awesome

  2. sumesh says:
    The best time to visit Taj Mahal revolves around the weather of Agra which happens to be damn hot during summers (and when we Indians say hot we actually mean it). As per the climate of Agra, the peak season for Taj Mahal visit is the winter season i.e., from October to March. Otherwise, there is no such thing as “the best time” to visit this magnificent monument. You may see Taj Mahal in any month of the year and it will come forward as breathtaking as it has always been. In fact, different seasons as well as different hours of the day lend a different aura to it.

    Visit the Taj in the morning and it will come up with a pinkish glow to it. As the day passes, the pinkish glow turns into milky white by the evening. However, the radiance of the Taj under the moonlight is beyond any explanation. The white marble adorned with semi-precious stones stands sparkling like a jewel. By now, we have answered your question of “when to visit Taj Mahal of Agra”. Remaining is, how much time to spend there. We will suggest that spend at least a day at the Taj Mahal to capture its beauty fully.

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