Adventure honeymoon at himachal. Has this concept caught up in India Yet?


I’m planning to visit Himachal this July for my honeymoon, I have my marriage in late June. I have decided a few places which I would like to visit but I’m not too sure because of the rains in July. Kindly help me out with a few questions that I have about this Himachal in India:

Duration: 10-12 days
Date: 1 July 2009 onwards

First Destination: Manali (1-2 days max. including day of arrival)
Plan as of now: Mumbai – Chandigarh by flight. Chandigarh – Manali by taxi or hire car.

Here are my questions:

1. Are 2 days enough for Manali? I am planning to stay in Iceland hotel in Solang Valley near Manali. How much is the rent, any idea? Any other hotels you can suggest?

2. After Manali, what? I read that some of the roads are notorious for landslides etc. when it rains, so I am not sure about my itinerary. Can we do a Lahaul, Spiti trip and then have some sort of a trek in the Himalayan National Park, all within the remaining 6 days? Please suggest some places which are safe to go in July weather!

3. I would love to visit a place where there is snow. Does Rohtang Pass have snow in the first week of July (I saw that Rohtang pass is on the way from Manali to Lahaul etc.)?

4. How much is the average cost of a normal hotel in these places per day? (I know it varies from place to place, just some round figure will do, for something like a 3-star hotel with basic amenities).

5. What about car rent cost per day (preferably from Chandigarh all the way through my trip and back to Chandigarh).

Please help me out here guys, I wish you’ll can help me visit some of the best places for my honeymoon.

Thanks a lot,

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  1. Sanjay Sharma says:
    Hi Sonakshi, I was in Manali about 5 years ago, so things may be different now. I believe that there has been a lot more development since, particularly new hotels. It is popular with Indian honeymooners, apparently. It also attracts large numbers of self absorbed backpackers who do little more than smoke dope and talk languidly about, well, smoking dope, but there we go.

    1) 1 day is more than enough for sight seeing in and immediately around Manali, as you do not have much time. Manali itself is not so interesting, but excellent to get back to after a trek. Great food.

    2) 5 years ago, Old Manali had nice, laid back cheap hotels with great views across the valley. You will probably be after somewhere classier as you are honeymooning. I expect there will be lots of choice.

    3) There are lots of agencies that organise treks in town. The Hampta La one is good for 3-4 days, but watch the altitude- it goes up to 4200m, I believe. There was lots of snow here in June. There are many other ones of 2-3 days in the immediate area, and the Parvati valley. It’s easy to trek independently, but, be warned, there have been robberies and worse in the Kullu area.

    4) The Rohtang La is likely to have little snow. It’s a great crossing, though, as the road switchbacks up past waterfalls and lush vegetation. On the other side, it totally different, very dry and rocky.

    5) In the time that you have, maybe you could quickly travel from Manali to Lahaul or Spiti, by jeep taxi, and then trek back to Kulu over the Hampta La? This would take quite a bit of organizing if you are using a trekking agency. For a more chilled out time, forget the trek. Kulu has some interesting places. Nagar has a sort of castle to stay in. Manikaran is good as well, with hot springs.

    6) Lahaul and Spiti are not generally affected by the monsoon. Manali and surrounding areas are. I would not worry about the roads, though. Landslips are generally quickly repaired.

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